About The Show

The Unstoppable Leader podcast is a show designed to help you realise your potential and become unleashed. I interview top leaders who have overcome adversity and obstacles to achieve the impossible! With every single episode my goal is to give you practical advice and inspiration to help you succeed and become an unstoppable leader yourself.

About Me

Hi, my name is Maria Padisetti. I am the co-founder and CEO of an award-winning business by the name of Digital Armour that my husband Mani and I built over 18 years. I have a beautiful son and a fur baby, Benji. After years of adversity and working on myself, I now get to share my story, my knowledge and my passion with a variety of people – my social media followers, young people I mentor and coach, my family, my team and my friends. Through this podcast I want people to realise that anything is possible and help them become unstoppable leaders.

Introducing Some of My Guests

Michael is a successful Entrepreneur having started and run 9 businesses (1 business successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange). With over $1billion in sales through his businesses, Michael is considered an Expert in the touring space having run more than 1400 events in the last 17 years. Additionally, he has built and maintained trusted commercial relationships with many local and international celebrities, speakers and businesses including Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Jay Shetty, Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad and many more.

Michael Lane

Jeremy Fleming founded Stagekings back at the start of 2015 along with his wife & Tabitha. The concept quickly took off, and within a very short time Stagekings were creating and building some of the largest custom stages and event structures in the country from Ninja Warriors to the Commonwealth Games in 2018 at the Gold Coast. Fast forward to 2020, what Jeremy is now famous for is Stagekings’ famous COVID-19 pivot story with IsoKing. In just the first three months Stagekings made nearly 10,000 IsoKing products and sent them across Australia to thousands of new awesome customers.

Jeremy Fleming

Lisa Teh is a ball of energy and infectious passion. A former tax lawyer, who traded corporate life for the crazy world of digital marketing, founded a digital marketing and brand amplification company CODI Agency. CODI specialises in social media management (LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook), content creation and influencer campaigns. Lisa and her team have worked with small to large businesses including Uber Eats, L’Oreal, Coles and Adairs to achieve their digital objectives.

Lisa Teh

Franziska Iseli is a leading marketing and brand strategist maverick entrepreneur who has co-founded multiple organizations. She is a crazy mad adventurer who has traveled to over 100 countries and counting.

Franziska Iseli

Jack Daly, a leading sales speaker and Amazon best-selling author. Jack delivers high energy workshops that are worth attending even if it’s just once in your life. From the age of 26 until 46 he started building his 6 successful businesses, 2 of which he sold to Wall Street firms.

Jack Daly